Tiktok Accounts Can't Follow Other People

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TikTok account inability to follow others is often an issue with the IP address. Visiting ipinfo.io can reveal the type of IP address being used. If your IP address’s asn type and company type are both hosting, then it’s impossible to follow others in a short period; it requires at least two months. First, ensure your TikTok account has been registered and used for over two months and that the same device has been used consistently for this period. For example, if you’ve used it on an Android phone for over two months, you should be able to follow others. However, if you then log into your TikTok account on a different Android phone, an iOS phone, or a computer browser that has never been used before, you won’t be able to follow others on the new device.

Here’s the specific situation: I registered a TikTok account in October 2023 and have been using a double hosting IP. I could like posts on my Android phone but couldn’t follow anyone. After more than 60 days, in December, I suddenly found I could follow others. When I logged the same account into Chrome browser, I still couldn’t follow others. Then, I logged a TikTok account, which I registered in November, into an Android phone. Initially, I could follow two people, but then I couldn’t anymore because the registration time of this account was less than two months.